THE MOVEMENT is a music-driven, mindfully-designed radical embodiment practice. In class, students are invited to explore the innate creativity and limitless possibilities of their bodies throughout an hour of continuous movement. Guided instruction, the use of imagery and simple improvisational prompts act as tools to bring about an awakening, enabling you to reclaim your birthright to move. This practice will increase flexibility and endurance, energetically clear your system, free up mental space for creativity and play, reestablish faith in your body, and leave you feeling renewed, restored, and revitalized. Step back into the world lighter, more alive, and in alignment with You.

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Open level, no prior experience necessary.


Wear comfortable clothes.


Come prepared to move barefoot.




THE MOVEMENT is a diverse and inclusive community. Our common goal is to process and experience this life through the rich context of physical movement, tantalizing soundscapes and self-discovery. We aim to cultivate a space where you are able to drop the masks of the outside world to reveal what needs to be felt, what needs to be moved. Through guided prompts, you’ll learn how to creatively express your fears and desires, anxieties and ecstasies, anger and joy. Release what you’ve been holding. Rebuild yourself layer by layer. Let the movement be your medicine, your metamorphosis.



Brenna is the founder & creator of THE MOVEMENT, with over 17 years in movement as a professional dancer, dance educator and fitness instructor. Brenna has merged her expertise as both performer and teacher to bring you a dynamic fitness experience blending radical embodiment with spirituality. As a professional dancer, she’s performed in renowned theaters across the country in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. She’s performed in front of audiences of 3,000+ people and in more intimate immersive settings. As a fitness instructor, Brenna’s taught barre, cardio and HIIT for Exhale. She went on to become one of the founding Los Angeles-based teachers of The Class by Taryn Toomey, helping to launch their presence on the west coast. Brenna has taught to sold-out classes in Los Angeles and Chicago and has collaborated with brands such as Fabletics, Lunya, Girlboss, and Free People.

Her transformational classes will help you uncover the "why" behind how we show up and how that translates to our daily lives. With her passion for music, creativity and freedom, Brenna will bring you deep into the investigative process, inviting you to bring all of yourself to the table.  Together, she’ll help you explore all facets of your being – your sultry nature, your fire, your tenderness, your strength, your light – ultimately offering you the opportunity to step back into the world exactly as you want to be.




The Space SaMo

3009 Lincoln Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405


Monday 9a - 10a (1 Hr)
Wednesday 9a - 10a (1 Hr)


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Questions? Let’s chat. Drop us a note at info@feelthemovement.org